Trevor Pickett's Little Black Book (of recommended brands) 10.04.2018

Back on to must-haves in clothing, it has become part of the new winter uniform to own at least two sleeveless, tweed, cashmere or felt, sleek long jackets. They have an Austro-Indian feel, and l want one. So, September calling - I must take the plunge! I remember the Shanghai Tang shop that had those soft structured brightly lined jackets for which I had a similar yearning and failed to buy. Grhh!
Ruby is the creator of the brand Marmaduke and a great friend/housemate of my desk partner, Jenny. We had adjacent stands at the Ormiston Christmas Market. With a great range, a strong product for a classic gent with a twist.  Jenny is always talking about Ruby, so I sometimes get to see the latest creations. This season the summer-toned lightweight gilet caught my eye – it makes for perfect summer evening wear for a less starchy look. I think there has to be a balance of being individual, but not allowing clothes to wear you - so often a mistake, especially when describing a ‘get-up’ as “funky” - which means the kiss of death to any styling!!